Software Developer#

At the Neuroimaging Research Laboratory (NeuroPoly) lab, based at Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal, we work to better understand the brain and the spinal cord using state-of-the-art imaging techniques, with many potential medical applications. We are developing advanced analysis methods to improve the quality of MRI data, as well as to extract meaningful clinical information.

We recruit experienced software developers to work on our medical imaging software projects.

πŸ“Œ Main tasks#

  • Implement new features, refactoring, bug fixes, suggest improvements

  • Help managing the project, create software releases, establish best coding practices

  • Contribute to the API and user documentation

  • Organize courses for researchers and clinicians at international conferences

πŸ€ The team#

  • We are a friendly team composed of academic researchers, students and software developers

πŸ’° Salary#

  • $40/h if you are good, up to $70/h if you are excellent.

πŸ“… Schedule and work arrangement#

  • This is a long term position, which could be part-time or full time.

  • Work can be done remotely or in-presence (Montreal)

πŸ” What profile are we looking for?#

  • Strong coding skills in Python, proficient in git/GitHub

  • Passion for open-source software and knowledge sharing ❀️

  • Skills in data science and deep learning is an asset

πŸš€ Why take this job?#

  • Join an environment that fosters autonomy, passion and creativity

  • Take leadership in open-source projects with strong impact in the medical field

  • Develop strong image processing skills with experts in medical imaging

✍️ β€Ž How to apply?#

  • Fill up the application form below. You might be contacted for an interview.