Labeling Medical Images for A.I. Applications

Labeling Medical Images for A.I. Applications#

At the NeuroPoly lab at Polytechnique & Université de Montréal (, we develop advanced MRI image analysis techniques using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and deep learning. We distribute these new methods as open-source software. In collaboration with neuroradiologists and world experts in deep learning (Mila), we apply these tools in patients with traumatic injury and neurodegenative diseases (multiple sclerosis, ALS, etc.).

In order to train A.I. algorithm, we need to manually label medical images. Examples include:

  • Segment tumors, edema and cavity on MRI scans

  • Label intervertebral discs on MRI scans

  • Segment neuronal cells on histology images

We are recruiting talented individuals, ideally medical students, to help us label those medical images.

Required background:

  • Good knowledge of the anatomy