Open-source IT specialist#

The Neuroimaging Research Laboratory ( is based at Polytechnique Montreal / University of Montreal. We work to better understand the healthy and pathological brain and spinal cord using medical imaging techniques. We develop automatic analysis methods and software ( to improve the quality of MRI data to be used by researchers and clinicians. We advocate for open-source software solutions.

We are looking for a research associate to support the laboratory activities in various IT-related tasks.

📌 Main responsibilities#

  • Manage the onsite and remote server infrastructure

  • Hardware/software installation and maintenance

  • Jobs deployment (ex: cronjob)

  • Server monitoring (ex: send email warnings if disk quota exceeds)

  • Propose/implement strategies for server workflow, backup of research data, etc.

  • Provide technical support for lab members

  • Access and data management (enable permissions, etc.)

  • Support in various IT aspects (ssh, shell, git, git-annex, etc.)

🔍 What profile are we looking for?#

  • Proficient in Linux/UNIX, git/GitHub, SSH, SHELL

  • Knowing ansible and git-annex is an asset

  • Passion for open-source software and knowledge sharing ❤️

💰 Salary#

  • $30/h if you are good, up to $60/h if you are excellent.

  • The position is part of the Research Professional Association (, which includes several benefits (pension plan, dental/medical insurance, holidays, etc.)

📅 Schedule and work arrangement#

  • This is a long term position, which could be part-time or full time.

  • Work can be done remotely or, preferably, in-presence (Montreal)

🚀 Why take this job?#

  • Join an environment that fosters autonomy, passion, creativity

  • Participate in exciting open-source medical imaging research

✍️ How to apply?#