🏛 Facilities#

The main lab is located at Ecole Polytechnique, 5th floor, biomedical engineering section (L5613, L5626).

Computer Lab (L5626)#

computer-lab-1 computer-lab-2

NeuroPoly Computing Equipment#

  • ~ 15 iMac workstations (quad-core up to 3.4GHz, at least 16GB RAM)

  • 1 data storage station (max 15TB) which is backed up nightly on another station (physically located elsewhere)

  • 2 CPU clusters (64-core & 12-core Xeon Phi)

  • 3 GPU clusters (8xP100 & 2xTesla).

Additional Computing Equipment#

In addition, the lab has free access to:


In terms of software license, being part of Polygrames Research Center and École Polytechique, NeuroPoly has access to multiple software for engineering, mathematical computing and simulations (http://www.grames.polymtl.ca/facilities/servers-information/).

RF Lab (L5613)#

computer-lab-1 computer-lab-2

NeuroPoly has expertise in building radiofrequency (RF) coils for MRI applications. The infrastructure includes:

MRI Facilities#

3T Human#

List of available scanners:


  • Video projection system for functional MRI experiments.

  • Physiological monitoring systems (Biopac).

  • Non-commercial pulse sequences (for advanced diffusion, 2D-RF excitation, dynamic shimming, etc.).

  • Unique 24-channel shimming system for the spinal cord MRI

  • Air compressor

7T Human#

List of available scanners:


  • Custom RF coil for research purposes 8 pTx & 20 Rx

7T Animal - Small Bore#

  • Varian/Agilent 7T MR system located at the Montreal Heart Institute.

  • Gradients

    • 305/210 HD, Internal Diameter: 210 mm, 300 mT/m, 470 mT/m/ms

    • 205/120 HD, Internal Diameter: 120 mm, 600 mT/m, 4400 mT/m/ms

  • Animal facilities (rats, mice, rabbits).

  • Commercial and custom-made coils available.

    • 4ch Rx-only mouse coil (RapidMR), 32mm diameter.

  • Access to histology for ex vivo scans.

  • Wiki for coil dev / pulse seq programming / MR acquisition (login required + only accessible from campus/VPN)