Project Manager for Software Development#

We recruit people to help managing our software projects. Below is a list of typical tasks involved:

Team/Project management

  • Check for stale branches, be in touch with developers about their developments, make sure things are moving forward

  • Help students with technical issues (how to use git, best practices for coding, etc.)

  • Make new releases and announce them

  • Update the wiki (e.g. a page like this one πŸ˜‰ )


  • Make sure the documentation is sound, up-to-date (maybe recent changes in the code outdated the documentation)

  • Create/Update video tutorial material

Interaction with users

  • Create Discourse forum for some projects (AxonDeepSeg)

  • Be reactive to users questions on the forum; if you don’t have the expertise, redirect to someone with the expertise

  • Help organize courses for the project (put together course material, test it, etc.)

Advertising on specialized sites and social media

  • Advertise the project on social media (FB, Twitter, etc.) and specialized sites (OHBM, ISMRM, MICCAI, etc.)

  • Organize Kaggle competition (eg for ivadomed, AxonDeepSeg)

  • Every time the project is used and cited, post on social media

Help on recruitment

  • Post announce or contact directly potential candidates for software development, image processing, deep learning, MRI physics

Interested? –> Please contact Julien Cohen-Adad